Im a try of ilustrator and a whole time dreamer. Mermaids, pizza and animation are my thing... Monster high my obsession.
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A message to all of you….

its been a while since i post my very first draw on Tumblr. Now i realize how many followers i have and i just want to say something : THANK YOU.

From the follower No. 1 to the No. 434 !!!!!! Every new follower advice on my phone takes my breath away….
Thank you from the very botton of my heart. Its been such a experience and im pretty sure it continues going on. I never imagine that people could love my art in that way, its very excited and meaningful when i see mi art on pages from Russia, Brasil or Japan! Sometimes i dont even understand what they say (lol) but seeing my draws on there makes me feel very inspired and gratefuly.

I enjoy so much doing this, i draw since i was a kid, i never took classes of it and all i know about it, has been learn by my own. I always find time to do it, sometimes its very hard between my job and other responsabilities but i wont stop doing this, i have 434 reasons to dont!!!!!!
Sometimes my heart beats so fast when very talent and great artists that i admire like Rotodisk, Freshfilia or even Garret himself likes and reblog my art…. that makes me want to improve and give an extra effort to give you the best of me (i feel sometimes its not enough but i will learn new things somehow) thanks for being here and makes this possible.

Thanks again for follow me, i`ll keep trying to do my best to bring you art and graphics that inspire you!!! Thanks for being such a important part of my life….

All the best…

Moy Schiaffino.